Company Profile

Established in 1984, Yuan Bang Interior Design Company is a leading and professional Interior Design & Renovation service provider registered at and permitted by the Ministry of the Interior (R.O.C). The majority of our works coming through recommendation and repeat business, we have successfully developed our comprehensive competency in many market segments. Our enviable track record of success stories, ranging from “Office Space” to “Health, Medical & Beauty Clinic”, has been achieved by providing a pro-active, multi-disciplined, professional service and by the promotion of ‘integrity’ philosophy.

We offer a complete service, covering interior design and space planning, renovation and turnkey project. In this interior renovation market, we appoint our designer and construction project manager to provide competitive and high-quality professional services. We pursue the highest standards to ensure that “win at all cost” attitude to achieve customer needs, to ensure that all projects are in the process can be carried out smoothly.


our History。

Business Principles

Enterprises to long-term viability, and establish a reputation in the industry, In addition to the need for professional technology, excellent organizational culture, dedicated maintenance service needs in fear at any time dealing with every detail of the customer account of, because as long as there is intention, strength and efficiency, in order to continue to win over a bigger stage.

Competition is the essence of the enterprise. Can not retreat. Competition is also the fate of the enterprise. A successful and on the right track enterprise should not be greatly affected by the results of changes in the environment, in other words, no matter how good or bad the economy is, it is not a reason or an excuse for our company not making any progress. Therefore, Yuan Bang enterprise in addition to the pursuit of prudent business, also realize that continuous improvement, the continued growth, we are ready with the necessary challenges.

To maintain a good relationship with a company or enterprise chain and preserve a long-term exchanges, the usual criteria: integrity of the service with a reasonable price. Slowly in order to get customer recognition and identity, and feel confident to entrust us the next working opportunity, and even become lifelong friends.

In the future, Yuan Bang will continue to concurrently hold its believe of : integrity, professionalism, and reasonable principles of behalf. We look forward to experiencing the enterprise who willing to work another 20 years with Yuan Bang enterprises.

Our Vision

Today, the world is moving forward 10 times faster than before and a new wave of Internet Revolution is giving an even more serious impact on all walks of lives. It is indeed the future challenges for Yuan Bang Enterprises to break through the present barriers for interior design & renovation business. At the same time. Yuan Bang would like to make its operation worthwhile and make more contribution to the society. It’s our direction to strive in the future

Therefore, Yuan Bang will devote itself into upgrading the staff quality, training its professional managers and excellent technicians. This will allow Yuan Bang competitive of both planning and execution working closely to satisfy various demands from different customers.

In marching towards the 21st Century Yuan Bang Enterprises insists its ideals and principles and putting all its efforts in creating a better business prospects. Yuan Bang will also hold its believe of Faithful and Honest Service, Professional and Cooperative Coordination & Reasonable and Acceptable Cost in providing the best quality of services for more customers.

CEO Message

Through these past 30 years, the company from the early seeding small construction works constantly accept quenching chain, degenerate, and after countless time of trials and transformation and finally growing up and branching out. Yuan Bang will also hold its original intention of enthusiasm, a positive, pragmatic and responsible attitude, integrity and reasonable principles and improve the operating structure, to strengthen the team of professional knowledge and talents, gain experience breakthrough innovation in providing the better quality of services for customers.

World is in progress, change and change very quickly, regardless of all industries need to be internationalized and linked the track of the progress of the world, Yuan Bang can not be excluded. Although we put our effort to develop Taiwan market, on the other hand we are also positively planning to be internationalized, in order to meet the needs of our client, and providing them with better services, and institutional development platform for work teams to increase and foster the development of enterprise solid basis. In the near future Yuan Bang will provide you with more comprehensive services.

Customers certainly support the growth of the kinetic energy for Yuan Bang Enterprise, because of “YOU” the seedlings of Yuan Bang was able to thrive, because of “YOU” robust seedlings of Yuan Bang may continue to grow and branching out, and also because of “YOU” Yuan Bang become a sustainable management enterprise. We sincerely appreciate your support, the energy irrigate the growth of seedlings of Yuan Bang. We encourage Yuan Bang ripening the fruit can contribute to the community, to fulfill our corporate responsibility. Thank you for taking the time to view Yuan Bang website, I wish you the best.